Again Zayed, With Mahi and Parimoni!

সোমবার, ১১ ডিসেম্বর ২০১৭ | ৪:৩৮ অপরাহ্ণ | 284 বার

‘Antar Jala’ is being released on December 15. Now taking part in the protest campaign this movie. In the middle of it announced the new Movie of the director Malik Afsari.

Zayed Khan, who has been named as ‘Ek Kaidir Diary’, has been named as the hero. In contrast, Mahiya Mahi and Parimoni want director. Meanwhile, Parimoni also agreed to make a photo. Now Mahi’s decision is awaited.

Malik Afsari said that Pori had already told me that if he has to give a passing shot in my film, he will give it. I have not talked to Mahi about this issue yet. If she agrees then only I will make the film. If I do not agree with Mahi, then I will not build this movie again. Think about building movies with other stories.

Afsari said, as long as I’m not satisfied with the picture, I do not make the movie. I’ve left more than the movies I’ve made. Because if I do not say in the bat, I stand aside from making the movie. I used to take all the sparrows of the film ‘Antar Jala’ for the story and used them according to character.

Director Manek Afshari wrote the story of ‘Antar Jala’. Besides, he wrote the script and dialogue of the film itself. Music operated by SI Tutul. Z. K Movie is produced by hero Zayed Khan.


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