Shabnur celebrating birthday alone

Shabnur is the name of a successful Bengali movie. As long as he was the only queen of the queen That queen Shabnur is away from the movie today.

And his family members are responsible for this. The heroine can not return to the film if she wants to return to the film.

Popular heroine today is the birthday. Congratulations to him on behalf of

Talking about his birthday, Shabnur said, Now I am alone. In the past times, Mom and the other members of the family celebrated birthdays in Australia. But no one is next to it. So there is no plan for birthday.

She said, a few days ago I was very sick. Not yet completely healthy. Want to start working and recover. Not all programs are being organized in all. On the birthday, I want to pray only to everyone, I can be as good as I can with my only son Aijan. Mom is not next to me. So I miss Mama too.

Shabnur popular face of the Dhallywood movie is not coming in front of the camera for many days. But in the new year, he will be presented with a new act in front of the audience, she said.

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